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Our incredibly animated classes are performed with genuine enthusiasm and vitality, drawn from our past proffessional experience and love of music and drama - this is not a franchised business!

Props, puppets and instruments are used to captivate your little ones imagination and make their first experience of learning through a multitude of senses.

We allow freedom within our classes so that parents and carers do not feel pressurised.

Click below to hear a sample of our music and spoken word!

The Runaway Train

Incey Wincey Spider

Me and My Teddy Bear

The Suzie Songtime Theme

Suzie Songtime offers a little bit extra than your average singing class by having a roleplay section (you may find yourself transported on a train, car or submarine!)

Suzie's classes follow a set pattern during each 10 week term. This enables children to become familiar with the class, encouraging their interaction and confidence on all levels. By introducing new songs, poems and themes, each term becomes a wonderful new journey of musical education and adventure.

13 weeks : £90.00 2nd child £45-00 2nd under 6 months : FREE
10 weeks : £72.00 2nd child £36-00 2nd under 6 months : FREE
6 weeks   : £56-00 2nd child £23-00 2nd under 6 months : FREE
Classes are 30/40 mins and terms may vary in time. See our when and where to book direct.
Holiday classes are  available!!
TRIALS MAY BE AVAILABLE IF WE HAVE SPACE and must be pre-paid and booked by arrangement for a fee of £8-00. Email or text  to 07831884455 then click on trial payment on our when and where page.

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"I absolutely love the friendly atmosphere, the interaction between Suzie and the children and watching week by week as my children would preempt the actions and join in loudly with the words! It was great to be singing nursery rhymes and songs that I hadn't remembered in years!"
Vicki, Beacon Hill, Freelance Designer and Mum to Florence (3) and Madeline (1).